Amber Turner Presents Her
4 week ACtive abs plan
Get Fit, lean 
& toned
With ab focussed workouts, and a plan designed to reduce your body fat percentage, demonstrated to you by Amber, you’ll feel fitter, look slimmer and definitely see more tone and definition in your abs.
 “I’ve spoken a lot on social media about how my body has changed over the past year and one of the biggest visible differences is definitely my abs. I worked so hard training at home, and seeing results makes the sweat all worth it! Having toned abs and working on my fitness is something that has always made me feel really motivated and proud of my hard work. I want to help you get the results you’ve always wanted with Active Abs.” 

- Amber
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A Personal Note From Amber...
There are so many quick fixes out there when it comes to getting in shape, especially aimed towards losing weight and toning your abs, but all those skinny teas and detoxes won’t work...nothing compares to hard work and having a great plan to follow. 

That’s what this plan is all about! We’re going to work together and I’m going to be with you every step of the way... let’s go get those  abs you’ve always wanted.

I have done it myself and although I think there is always room for improvement, I have definitely learnt, over the past two years, the most effective exercises and routines to follow.

I've worked with one of the best personal trainers on this plan and I know when you girls start it you’ll understand why I love it so much.

If you are someone who wants to feel a little better about yourself inside and out, lose a bit of weight and get those abs defined, then this plan is perfect for you.
amber'S PLAN
-4 Week Training Plan 
-1 x Real Time, Audio Running Workout  
-1 x Warm Up
-1 x Cool Down
-2 x Cardio & Core Workouts
-1 Weighted Abs Workout
-1 x Active Abs Workout
-1 x Downloadable Workout Guide  
-Nutrition Guidance
-How to workout your daily calorie intake
-Meal Planner 
-10 x Healthy Recipes
-Step By Step Workout Planner
what do you actually get?
4 Week Active Abs Plan
with Amber Turner
  • 4 Week Training Plan Download & Keep Forever
  • 1 x Real Time, Audio Running Workout With Amber Motivating You Every Step Of The Way
  • 1 x Warm Up With Amber Demonstrating All Of The Exercises
  • 1 x Cool Down With Amber Demonstrating All Of The Exercises
  • 2 x Cardio & Core Workouts Unlock & Access
  • 1 x Weighted Abs Workout Unlock & Access
  • 1 x Active Abs Workout Unlock & Access
  • 1 x Downloadable Guide Download & Keep Forever
  • Nutrition Guidance Download & Keep Forever
  • How To Workout Your Daily Calorie Intake Unlock & Access
  • Meal Planner Download & Keep Forever
  • 10 x Healthy Recipes Download & Keep Forever
  • Step By Step Workout Planner Download & Keep Forever
believe in yourself. YOU CAN DO THIS.
I've Done It Using This Plan... So Can You!
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